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A Brand Ascension experience that authentically connects you with the clients meant for you

Archetype Brand Designer - Tanya Podawiltz
Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m Tanya Podawiltz, and I’m thrilled to be your guide on this transformative journey toward a purposeful, aligned brand. Are you an awakened, spiritual leader ready to elevate your presence in the world? If you’ve outgrown your old branding and desire an aesthetic that resonates with your true voice, you’re in the right place.

My Archetype Hierarchy: Magician, Nurturer, Creative

Ascended Brand Journey Through Archetype Branding

Welcome to Your
Soulful Brand Evolution

Intuitive Brand Design

I don’t just design brands; I curate experiences that authentically connect you with the clients meant for you.

Through the power of psychology and archetypes, I’ll delve into the essence of your energy, strengths, fears, and audience. Together, we’ll realign your colors, fonts, and website, unveiling the true brilliance of your authentic self.

Your brand won’t just be pretty; it’ll be purposeful,

speaking directly to the hearts of those you’re meant to serve.

Brand Archetype Design

Let’s Illuminate Your Path — Together.

The DIVINE Experience

This two week-long transformation awaits you!


A soulful Deep Dive into your energy, strengths, values, voice, and audience. We’ll meet via Zoom for up to 2 hours to discuss what you desire and your vision for the future of your transformational work.


Your Identity is the basis for your brand transformation. We go into light and shadow, past and future for this vulnerable and elevated conversation. Through our deep dive and a robust set of questions, we’ll uncover your Brand Archetypes – your top 3 personas based on psychology. We’ll also discuss your dream client’s identity so I can optimize your alignment with them, again leveraging Archetypes.


Through your Vision for the future, we’ll explore where you are and where you desire to be. What does your dream business and life look like? That vision will be the starting point so your new brand is ready to grow with you, not need replacing in a few short years.


It’s time to Infuse your brand with your Brand Archetype and soul energy! Your brand will be reborn with a robust, flexible color palette, energetically aligned font pairings, and a custom web aesthetic within WordPress. Every aspect will resonate with your energy and speak to…


Your Niche — where we find your soul-mate clients. The time invested in the Deep Dive Realignment Session will allow me to both match your vibration and appeal to the souls you are most aligned to serve. You are meant to guide specific souls, so let’s ensure your niche knows you’re speaking to them.


It’s time to Empower yourself. What you’ll find as we conclude our work together is more than just content, it’s the confidence to share your gifts to the maximum.
You’ll receive:

A purpose-aligned Brand Guide – the treasure map to the heart of your brand, this guide is your secret weapon to radiate authenticity in all content to come. It’s not just a manual; it’s your brand’s compass, making collaboration with any designer or VA a seamless dance of creativity and purpose.

Your Bespoke Website is more than pixels and code; with pages meticulously crafted to reflect your authentic vibration, each section becomes a portal inviting your kindred clients, creating an immersive experience for every visitor. Optimized for your aligned keywords and keying into powerful psychology, we’ll magnetize your soul-mate clients.

A 30-minute Empowerment Session, recorded just for you. In a cozy virtual get-together, I’ll guide you through your new website, ensuring you feel like the master of your online universe. We can also review any questions you have about your Brand Guide. This session empowers you to confidently nurture and evolve your digital domain. We can also discuss ongoing assistance if you desire support for a secure, current presence.

Rediscover the joy in your entrepreneurial journey, fueled by authenticity and purpose as you attract clients who resonate with your true self.

The Investment

I’m committed to providing an intimate, personalized experience, which is why I can accept only a limited number of transformations each month. This is a bespoke, elevated offer for ascended leaders.

The deposit to reserve your brand evolution:


Investment upon completion:


No money due on application. Deposit will be collected only if we decide to work together.

Brand Archetype Cauldron
Ruler Archetype
Rebel Archetype
Innocent Archetype
Sage Archetype
Magician Archetype
Neighbor Archetype
Lover Archetype
Nurturer Archetype
Jester Archetype
Ruler Archetype
Creative Archetype
Explorer Archetype

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