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Review the FAQ below or contact me directly! You can also Apply and we’ll review your questions during your free intake call.

Web designer


Do you offer non-profit pricing?

Yes! Please contact me using any of the above methods for your reduced non-profit rate.

What will you need to start?

This can vary a little by person, but I’ll generally just need login info for your existing site, any copy updates you want, and any new brand photos you want to use!

How will you make the site?

On WordPress. While your layout will be custom, I use the Divi framework from Elegant Themes as the skeleton. This give us maximum flexibility and customizability!

Do you do SEO?

I’m not a specialist, but I will use best practices for accessibility and SEO. I’ll use your keywords in strategic ways that will be human-centered and make search engines happy. That said, SEO is usually an ongoing commitment and will require continuous work. That I don’t offer.

How will we communicate?

I use Trello as a project management platform, so generally prefer to communicate there. If you have another system, I’m happy to work within that. We’ll also use Zoom for our calls.

Do you include copy writing?

While I’m happy to provide some direction for SEO purposes, unless we’ve worked together extensively I probably won’t write for you. If you need a copywriter, let me know and I’ll be happy to connect you!

Do you provide images?

Yes! I love Inspired Stock Shop for their images, but am also happy to purchase images at Deposit Photos.

Please note those are affiliate links. In case you fall in love with their images without us working together, if you make a purchase through those links I may receive credits or a small commission.

I also need x designed, can you help?

Probably! I design for both print and digital. The most common request is for business cards that match, and I’m always happy to do that! I can also manage printing and custom needs, like pearlized card stock, etc. We can discuss on our call, or you can schedule a chat about just other designs here.

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